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18 Apr 2013
Just like to say the new referee Neshko did an exellent job the other night for the Peel combi v DHSOB combi,Apart from the Language problem he was spot on strong and all round very good.I would imagine he has reffed at a higher level,Please pass on my comments.Well done .Regards Sam b.
31 Mar 2013
I am a Berks & Bucks active level 5 (ex-level 3) referee, coach, mentor, society chairman and contributory leagues assessor. I am applying for a job with the government on the island and would like the phone number for someone in the referees society to call and discuss how the local football system works.
04 Jul 2012
Well done to Dave Murphy on his trip and subsequent final appointment in Gibraltar.
02 Jul 2012
I am totally intrigued, have been watching the Euro 2012 with interest and keep asking anyone within ear shot, mostly the family, why the extra official is on the same side as linesman! does anyone know why???
16 Jun 2012
Any donations of referee kits and equipment can be sent to Kits4Causes:
03 Apr 2012
I like the site and I to would like to see the member profice photographs back.
26 Mar 2012
In regard to Peter Halpin's suggestion that should we bring back referee profiles to the site. YES we should
24 Mar 2012
Hi all. Very good website. I have a lot of old kit (shirts, shorts, socks, coats, tracksuit etc) that's in a good condition and I know in the past your society has forwarded this on to colleagues in Kosovo. Is this still the case and if so could you let me know where to send the stuff please? Many thanks
02 Mar 2012
Well I cant believe how far the society has moved on since I was blowing the pea!!The site is fantastic,and looking at the appointments there is still a few of the old heads still around.Just a suggestion why not try and organize a night out for all old/new and retired cronies like myself,there would be some yarns told that evening.And to all you new refs remember one thing "common sense" and enjoy.-------playon.
03 Jan 2012
Good points all aonurd. Truly appreciated.
03 Jan 2012
We need a lot more isinhgts like this!
20 Nov 2011
Just browsing and came across this site I have happy memories of refereeing in the Summer Tournement in the IOM involving Teams from Ireland the IOM and england back in the 1980's Keep up the good work a very interesting site
20 Nov 2011
just browsing and I came across your site I have happy memories of officiating in the IOM in the summer tournement when Members of the Irish Soccer Referees Society officiated with Clubs from the Island,England and Ireland in the Eightees lovely site keep up the good work
22 Aug 2011
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